Sooo .. the Selangor sultan have decided to give Perkasa’s inaugural AGM scheduled on 27th March 2010 a miss for reasons unknown.

On a related note, the Sun carried a report on 16th March which mentioned – Sources say this is because the Selangor Sultan is concerned over the image the organisation has as a “chauvinist” group.

And now, Ibrahim Ali wants to take legal action, ironically, against the Vincent Tan-linked media agency for having a ‘hidden agenda’ in publishing news considered of public interest although the Perkasa top-frog top-dog thinks his audience with the sultan was a ‘private matter’.

Has Ibrahim arbitrarily elevated himself to a higher stature by ignoring royal protocol when it was also reported – At Perkasa Selangor’s assembly last month, Ibrahim had told the 2,000 delegates that the Sultan had agreed to officiate Perkasa’s national assembly – while the Selangor sultan’s official response was only made today (18th March 2010).

If there’s a ‘hidden agenda’ anywhere, it can conclusively be attributed to Ibrahim Ali’s cavalier attitude to societal norms which sticks out like a self-inflicted sore thumb.

Utter ignorance or a symptom of entrenched chauvinism?

You’ll be right on both counts, I’d dare say.