A third force meddling with the PDRM .. so sez Musa Hassan conveniently .. since he’s ‘retiring’ by September 2010.

While Hishammuddin wants him to ‘expose’ the hand(s) that’s doing so .. when the fler got only six months left to do .. errr … whatever it is that’s he supposed to do as the top cop in the country.

Don’t you luv it when a cabinet minister plays dumb .. with no effort at all .. coz it’s soooo eezzzyyy to .. errr .. play dumb in the cabinet of the NTR administration.

And his boss is about to announce a pay raise on 25th March to commemorate the 203rd!

Sooo .. will Musa croak the truth by then or snigger with a .. Gotcha!

Houston, we have a problem“.

Yeah right, call APCO, will yer.