Why is the Home minister going ‘gaga’ about his ‘good’ relationship with the .. errr .. outgoing IGP?

Shouldn’t he be more concerned about allegations of an unknown, and still undisclosed, entity plaguing the PDRM as mentioned by the top cop.

To obfuscate matters further, the lameduck IGP went coy with his inelegant me-no-say-no-more-on-the-matter coz he probably made some ‘politicians’ constipated with utter fright. Geez .. !

Ordinary folks couldn’t care less whether they both take showers together to save on the water bill.

Decent folks are, however, really concerned with the rising incidences of crime and if the IGP’s disclosure is to be taken seriously, why isn’t the Home minister equally perturbed. The PDRM comes under his portfolio, therefore, any undue interference on the proper enforcement of the rule of law should be dealt with, immediately.

And yet, Hishammuddin sez:

  • …. the purported rift between him and Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan, was a political ploy by certain quarters to pit them against each other.
  • They are pitting me against the IGP, if not us, the IGP and his deputy, if not, the prime minister and his deputy or the deputy prime minister and ministers.

And then, inexplicably, dumps the blame on DAP’s ole-fogey-but-still-tech-savvy LKS for getting edgy on the matter.

Hullloooo .. Hisham ah, it was the IGP who said that there is a ‘third force influencing the operations of the police’.

Nobody forced him to say it.