First, he takes a low-blow at his former boss for the CSIS debacle in the U.S.

Then, he made a goofy swipe at eight BN MPs, including an UMNO elder statesman, by implicating them in the aborted ‘Putrajaya’ takeover on 16th September 2008.

Next, instead of suing his accuser for slander and defamation on an alleged debt settlement, Zahrain dares him (his accuser) for proof and be taken to court. Duuhhhh!

Add on his up close and personal encounter with a Sabahan MP with less than subtle references to protruding tummies .

Plus his ‘Nostradamus’ moment of wagering on more defections out of PKR.

Whoa! Can RM1.8 million do that to a person?

Just imagine if it’s RM25 million.

Will he wear a pink cape, put on purple undies outside his black leotard, fly away to rescue two jet engines from South America and return home to a hero’s welcome?

Yeah …. right!

Then, we’d have to call him “Sue-perman“.