First off, some of you folks do know what DP means, right?

Analogously, it’s like having two sausages in a bun (err .. no bun pun intended).

Anywayz, let’s have a look at what the Malaysian DPM gotta say about the newly established Inter-Faith Panel in response to Perkasa’s vitriolic antagonism.

Small fry” committee, he sez.


  • The absence of any legal powers in the committee, said Muhyiddin, means it will not have any influence over the nation’s official religion.
  • The DPM, who is also the education minister, stressed that the committee is not a commission with legal standing to enforce or influence policies.
  • “They are just small fry, a small role played within the Prime Minister’s Department,” said the Muar born leader.

Sooo .. why is the DPM pandering to Perkasa’s nonsensical parochial outburst whilst at the same time, pour cold water onto the IFP’s nobler purpose in an effort to unite Malaysians?

In doing so, the DPM has once again gone against the grain of NTR’s 1Malaysia.

Update: 0130HR 13/04/10

And da ‘small fry’ shall bangkit against da DPM’s loony remarks.