Kamalanathan’s degree (Click for larger image)

Screenshot of search at ECU which shows conferral date as 25th November 2003.

A reader at The People’s Parliament did a multiple search of other graduates during the same time-frame and parchment reference numbers which highlights the ‘earlier’ date assigned to Kamalanathan. Hmm .. did he ‘graduate’ ahead of his batch?

But the date on the certificate shown above is 23rd January 2004.

Meanwhile, despite the advancement of technological applications on data archiving, Olympia College claims to no longer have any record of ‘Kamal’ as its registered student. Instead, its academic director, Tan Chee Seng, is the sole ‘human’ source for veracity through his ‘exceptional’ memory recall of a student dating back to 2004!

And I hate to even delve deeper into – Sometimes universities distinguish between home students who are running on campus versus programmes that they do offshore or off-campus. So sometimes they might maintain two registers,” said Tan.

Sounds and looks like keeping two books for accounting .. but I reckon the LHDN isn’t relevant in this case.

P.S. Oooopz .. forgot to include this tiny morsel for .. whatever –