I refer to him by his initials ‘C.K.’ and we’ve known each other since 2007.

Ever since his wafer thin victory in Wangsa Maju during GE12 in March 2008 under the PKR ticket, I noticed that he spends far too much time with UMNO Baru characters like Rusdi ‘Barking Magpie/Seri Menanti’ Mustapha and Rocky at the NPC.

And he even attended a Sime Darby dinner!

Well, C.K. quit PKR recently but decided to remain as an ‘independent’ MP for WM although I hear the WM residents don’t want him as their wakil rakyat in parliament.

Question is – Why did he opt out two days prior to the Sibu by-election?

RPK wrote about BN’s plan to regain a two-third majority in parliament and with the recent PKR defections, perhaps C.K. thought that the time is ripe to ‘cash in’ on the momentum.


  • Wee Choo Keong’s problem is more complicating. It involves two mistresses and one who has just given birth and Umno has threatened to expose this scandal. He also has this RM35 million legal problem with Ambank and if this can be settled ‘out of court’ then Wee will certainly become another ‘independent’ Member of Parliament.

And with his nemesis DAP fielding a Pakatan Rakyat candidate in Sibu, I guess C.K. wants his cake with lots more icing as well.

But a DAP win in Sibu would make C.K. go over the edge, wouldn’t it?