Will you join them?

Kim from Friends of Kapar commented in a earlier posting “Would Anwar take heed .. earnestly?” which I think deserves highlighting:

I have seen so many similar cases of Raj and his family … all in a state of desperation. My friend and I, with the support of generous sponsors and volunteers run an NGO called FRIENDS OF KAPAR. We started helping the very very poor families in Kapar in April 2009, with funds collected from family and friends. In the past 12 months, we have seen the outcome of poverty and illiteracy in so many forms …

1. A 30 something year old man consumed excessive illegal toddy and became mentally retarded. He now lives with his aged mother, both without any source of income.
2. A pregnant mother was left to care for her 8 children when her drug addict husband committed suicide. She now lives next to a dumpster with her children, struggling to feed her 9 children (including the new born).
3. A young girl dropped out of school after Form 4 to help support the family. The aged grandfather collects palm oil seeds for a living. Her mother had passed away, and her alcoholic father who is unemployed visits now and then but does not help out at all. She has a 14 year old brother who also dropped out of school and is working at a local car wash.
4. A mother of 3 children, one of which is an OKU is burdened with 8 months of overdue housing loan installment. She does not have any source of income and her husband is in prison. She is also illiterate and does not know what to do with the letter from the bank!

There are plenty more of such cases amongst the 35 families under the care of FRIENDS OF KAPAR. The plight of these families usually revolves around abandoned mothers and children, single mothers and aged grandmothers who are not capable to feed themselves and their children due to sickness, physical or even mental disability. Some of these women are abused victims, which is common in this community.

These families live in their own homes and not in a charity home. So more often then not, they do not get support from potential donors looking to donate to charity homes like orphanage, old folks or handicapped homes. We have been informed several times by some companies that they only donate to charity homes. Its really frustrating as we know that these people are in dire need of help, sometimes even more than some of the more established charity homes.

We do whatever we can within our means to help. We know that feeding is only temporary and the only way to break the vicious cycle of poverty is education. Thus our activities focused on Feeding and Education. We provide free tuition classes to about 80 children 3 times a week.

So we can continue to blame on the government, BN, MIC, etc, for this, but in the meantime, these PEOPLE NEED HELP.

Please visit our blogsite http://friendsofkapar.org, if you wish to help MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of these underprivileged and poverty-stricken families.


On Saturday 5th June 2010, Friends of Kapar will be launching their Community Nurture Centre.

Go here for details.

Sooo .. I’m asking again.

Will you join them?