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Sooo .. tell me where does Israel exist within the ‘green’ rectangle shown in the third map?

Whatever it is that the Zionists have in mind for the Gazans living in their own territory will get worse with the tacit approval of Egypt when it keeps the ‘Rafa Crossing’ closed for any duration towards all humanitarian aid.

Norman Fernandez wrote at TMI Gaza blockade: Time to condemn Egypt” and the following paragraph hits the nail on the head –

  • Following Hamas’ military coup in 2007, Israel has since then imposed a full blockade of Gaza, turning the coastal territory of 45km long by 5-12km into an open-air prison. However, those vociferous in condemning Israel conveniently ignore and fail to denounce Egypt’s role and its complicity in Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

Will those who turned up on KL streets today please light up the Egyptian flag as well?

Otherwise, you are no different than the screaming, ranting ‘ragheads’ in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, if TDM opts out of a  ‘Kate Winslet’ moment ala Titanic on board the  Rachel Corrie, the Zionists might shoot and kill more people instead of just one.

Oh well  …

Update: 0045HR 06/06/10

TDM’s indisposed but this other bloke is kinda free since he’s still uncabinated (sic).