Had a phone conversation with Paul Warren recently about VT’s sports betting venture which the Pakatan states are not only dead against but are pro-actively denying licensing to gambling outlets within their constituents.

It’s also a state prerogative to test the boundaries of federalism, so to speak.

A pertinent question popped up – What will the BN-run states do?

I was supposed to do a posting on the matter but as usual, procrastination crept in but hey, don’t blame me for the ambiguous “Yes, you did – No, we didn’t – Given long time oredi” conundrum that’s running amok at the moment.

TMI ran an op-ed entitled “Half balls and own goals” and I finally decided to write my first ever comment there to highlight the matter (see copy below) –

And guess what? – Sarawak broke rank with Putrajaya.

Yo Paul, it worked!

Errr .. so who won the bet ah?