Sooo .. Johor’s UMNO Baru have also decided to break rank with Putrajaya.

Just as Sarawak did as well although there’s officially no UMNO Baru coz they screwed up in Sibu recently.

Will Sabah’s UMNO Baru join the bandwagon coz things are really heating up over there? Not to mention Hong Kong too .. errr .. hang on, is there a H.K. branch office that we don’t know about?

And I wonder if the three UMNO Baru aduns in Perak are contemplating a leap of faith to leave BN by citing a loss of confidence in the national leadership .. hey, this sports betting thingy is one helluva damning excuse if ever there was one which dovetails with this month’s ‘knock-NTR-fer-more-loot’ gameplan.

But TDM sez legalised gambling is good fer yer.

So how mah?

Eat more popcorn, folks.