Sunday 4th July, my birthday weekend. It’s a gloomy day outside. As I sit now relaxing and reflecting on my day, my mood is as gloomy as the weather outside.

I feel gloomy despite that fact that by 2pm this afternoon, I had already attended two church services, one cultural event and two weddings. I should be happy as all these events are indeed happy occasions. However, I am sad because of these very same programmes.

The cultural programme was an Indian Youth Cultural Carnival. It was organized by an Indian Youth NGO and rightfully so, it showcased Indian culture such as traditional dances, kolam drawings etc. What’s sad about this event is that the audience and people who attended this event was almost 100% Indians.

Our society has been brought up to segregate ourselves based on race and religion. Right from our beginning, at the birth of our nation, the political parties were already race based; UMNO, MCA, MIC. Our founding fathers each stood for and “protected” the rights of the own race. It was from this beginning that our society than evolved.

After over 50 years, even our NGOs are race based; each protecting its own race. Even economically, we are race based with each race having their own Chamber of Commerce.

Back to the wedding reception that I attended; again it was very much a race based occasion. Both receptions were Malay weddings and thus the family obviously were Malays. It was the same with the relatives but friends, colleagues, neighbours? At the first reception, 100% Malays except for myself and my MP and my two colleagues were non Malays. The second wedding had a non Malay couple that I spotted.

I commented on this matter and my MP agreed that it is indeed a big problem that we have in our society today. This is a result of over 50 years of going in the wrong direction. Can we change this – what does it take to tear down this barrier?

My MP agrees that this is a difficult task and reckons that we may not be able to undo this race based mentality that easily. That remark brought and instant gloom to my mind; because I agree it is not an easy task.

Where do we go from here – what lies ahead?

I see a silver lining behind those dark clouds – where is that silver lining for ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA?

Peter Chong


How many of you have latent racism inside of yourself without realising it?

Don’t just blame the system coz YOU are a part of how the system works.

The sooner that happens, the sooner WE can start rebuilding trust and make this nation great.

As it should be.

Update: 0115Hr 05/07/10

Wanna know how deeply embedded latent racism can be?

Go watch ‘SKIN‘. (Preview here)

I can assure you it’s not ‘skin-deep’.