All Najib can say is this?

The most (arguably) powerful person in Malaysia throws more mere rethoric into the air and expect Malaysians to just believe him?

When Arnaud Dubus (pic above), who delved into the corruption aspect of the submarine deal, broke the ‘Scorpene’ story at the French Liberation (a defense industry article can be read here) and it was carried further by several foreign media agencies across the globe, I was surprised that Wisma Putra was silent on the matter.

Why didn’t the PMO give any instructions to its vanguard office on foreign affairs to address the matter?

Do they think that the ‘killing’ of a foreigner which occured on malaysian soil will simply fade away if there was no official response from the BN government?

Just as it was officially declared that the foreigner in question was NEVER in the country at the material time because there is no immigration records.

As far as I know, there’s no statute of limitation for a murder case if new substantive evidence were to surface and one aspect of the case that was not properly addressed is – Was Altantuya pregnant at the time of her death? (Related article here)

Will a DNA test give conclusive proof on this issue?

More importantly, will ‘Perimekar’ break and provide the vital link on this case?

Note: D-Day on July 7th which includes the entire ‘Bala’ original statutory declaration.