Is this she?

Pic was lifted from here.

Hey, I thought we were the ones who are tree inhabitants. No wonder lightning follow her around, hoping to make a connection, even inside buildings.

Anywayz, this bloke (pictured below) and Utusan Malaysia have got crummy rotten eggs on their faces for crediting ‘electro-static-ised’ (sic) Elaine for a recent CIA-gate expose.

Heck! Even CNN came in with a denial.

No, we haven’t heard from the kitchen sink yet?

But we’ll leave you with the famous last (Gasp! Will he ever STFU?) words of:

Hopefully, the blog writer has the facts to back her claims, but I believe she has made investigations before writing the article and it’s not just an empty piece” [Rais was quoted as saying by Bernama]