Apparently, UMNO Baru is under increasing attack from various quarters in the last five years.

If we take away the opposition (Pakatan Rakyat) and/or BN component parties and/or the general public from the statement, is the UMNO Baru secretary general specifically referring to elements within its own organisation who are tarnishing the party image?

Five years ago (circa 2006), I can recall Mahathir going ballistic with his own appointed choice for BN’s PM, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who was also the president of UMNO  Baru.

Between 2008 and 2009, Mahathir left and rejoined UMNO Baru, a political entity (distinctly different from the original UMNO) which came to life in 1987 through his own hands.

By 2010, Mahathir was openly supporting Perkasa whose rallying call include replacing UMNO Baru for the benefit of malays ala ketuanan melayu.

Mahathir’s increasingly malay-centric rethorics e.g. malay political dominance preclude any chance for UMNO Baru, now under Najib Razak, to mend itself nor endear itself outwardly to the BN component parties as well as the citizenry.

Will Najib bite the bullet and ‘kick’ Mahathir out from UMNO Baru, an act which may have the added benefit of placing his own deputy on notice against further transgressions?

Maybe, only then will UMNO Baru know who its true friends are, cyber or otherwise.

Or perhaps, Najib is still clueless and doesn’t give a damn.

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