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TMI reported “Nurul Izzah questions ballot order in PKR polls“.

FMT did the same with “Nurul smells a rat in last minute change to ballot papers” but this report provided further insight into her concerns.

The first confirmed list of 26 VP candidates was issued on 24th October showing Nurul at number two.

A new list was released yesterday with Nurul at number nine.

Nationwide voting starts on 29th October 2010 at 69 polling sites or about a third of the total PKR divisions.

A common method used during an election campaign is to provide a ‘chai‘ list to  potential voters on whom they should vote for, particularly in addressing illiterate voters. Essentially, it’s a list of numbers which voters are ‘encouraged’ to follow e.g. say four VPs with numbers 1, 2, 9 and 14. No names are mentioned on this list.

Nurul’s name is the only one affected with the revised ballot order.

With less than 48 hours in which to inform the electorate, what are the chances of Nurul’s team being able to communicate this new information to the voters at the 69 divisions?

And even if this is possible, will there be confusion amongst the voters as to which ‘chai‘ list to believe/follow? It doesn’t take much to start a rumour by vested interests that the first ‘chai‘ is genuine.

Strangely, an explanation on the revised ballot order is apparently forthcoming from Saifuddin Nasution, the PKR sec-gen, instead of the designated CEC chief, Molly Cheah.

Similarly, in an earlier report, it was also Saifuddin who eventually announced that Nurul was qualified to run for deputy president despite allegations of insufficient nominations.

Therefore, why is Molly being sidelined in the CEC due diligence process as well as announcing progress and/or updates to the media?