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We are all required to update the MySejahtera status when we wish to enter the public domain to do groceries, and what-nots, including attending court for a trial.

There are a few questions that need to be answered with a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ which the app will then update your risk factor i.e. low risk (blue) or high risk (red) or somewhere in between (yellow/orange), depending on how you respond.

If all the questions are answered with ‘NO’, you are categorised as low risk. A ‘YES’ will however depend on whether you were in the presence with someone who was in close contact, or with someone who was diagnosed as Covid19 positive. The former is medium risk while the latter is high risk.

The key element in submitting your response is .. HONESTY.

And an honest person will be .. well .. honest.

But what about a dishonest person? Specially one who is required to attend trial in court, but does not wish to do so? How will this person avoid attendance?

If the MySejahtera status update is considered as a real-time application, all one needs to do is answer ‘YES’ to one or two questions, albeit dishonestly, about an hour before trial starts, and ..VOILA! .. you are now legally prevented by law to attend court.

And the judge must comply with court rules. The judge has no other choice but stop the defendant from entering the courtroom. An alternative is to enact a hybrid session i.e. the defendant makes a presence via ZOOM which does not, however, address the crux of the matter i.e. physical attendance in the courtroom.

MySejahtera is a necessary tool for everything we do nowadays and whether it is used honestly, or otherwise, becomes a point of contention because its accuracy cannot be determined in real-time.

So how do we address this anomaly? Simple .. Use a self-test kit.

The defendant must, at own cost, take an antigen self-test in the presence of a court official to establish a bona fide status update. If trial starts at 9:00am sharp, the defendant must be present at the court premises by 8:30am to expedite the self-test which normally takes about 15 minutes for a result to be obtained.

Oh one more thing .. Do not allow the defendant to bring and use a self-test kit. The court must provide one, and the cost must be paid by the defendant.

With a court consent to visit Singapore so that he can be with his daughter who gave birth recently, Najib decided a round of golf in the island nation is par for the course.

And reportedly, he had the audacity to complain that no one should make it an issue.

Apparently, the golf session was to facilitate discussions on investment opportunities in Malaysia by Sam Goi.

Which begs the question as to when did Ismail Sabri (PM9) appoint Najib as a special envoy to Singapore. After all , he is a convicted felon who was adjudged guilty in a High court decision in July 2020 which was then upheld by the Court of Appeal in December 2021.

Surely, a convict has no place in handling financial (or national) matters, specially when Najib’s conviction was premised on fiduciary transgressions.

Najib’s cavalier attitude on proper compliance and responsibilities reflects his lack of integrity as a person as well as an elected politician who reached the pinnacle of governance.

But then again, that is precisely why Najib was found guilty, as contained in the CoA conclusion as shown below.

Nuff Said!

‘A few good Tan Sris’ tried but failed, because Najib was too crafty and had no qualms in summarily eliminating his opponents. And that’s the real coup. Nice try, Romen Bose.

Antara Dua Darjat ..

Between Two Status ..

Organisers fined RM1000 ..

Politicians exempted ..

Despite the event being sanctioned by the government.


Because all the EOs were revoked on 8th December 2021 ..

A day BEFORE the event ..

How convenient innit.

Najib’s back taxes amounts to RM1.69 billion.

And the fine on the SRC case is RM210 million.

Other cases are still ongoing, and perhaps, when found guilty, Najib may have to pay additional restitutions.

As it is, RM1.90 billion will go a long way to reduce the outstanding of RM 39.381 billion.

June 2023


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